A Slice of Li

The body of work is the culmination of over a decade of experimentation, drawing  inspiration from the group's travels, live shows around the country and abroad, jam sessions on the road and improvisations along the way, tried and tested on audiences around the world to finally be shared as a collection of 7 distinctive songs tied together by the underlying theme of celebrating being human and alive, never giving up and eventually winning over the odds.


      The EP is essentially original Naga folk melodies and stories presented in the trademark style of the Tetseos, and folk with a happy twist. Contemporary fusion vibes in equal measure of fresh and familiar simultaneously, clean sounds centered on vocal harmonies with a touch of contemporary electronic elements, the quintessential guitar meets Tati and measured percussion. 


      The EP also features fan art and celebrates artwork inspired by the Tetseo Sisters, their fashion sojourns, the music and Li stories, exclusively curated for A Slice of Li. 

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